Human Dystopia

First EP released in 2019 and recorded in Rimshot Studios by the 4 original members of the band. Want to get your own physical copy?

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Feel the Gravity, Human Dystopia EP

the Band

Created in 2017 by Julien UTEZA (Lead Guitarist), Kévin LESTRADE (Bassist) and Kévin DONIO (Lead Vocal), Feel the Gravity is a French alternative rock band. They started recording covers and original songs but, loving to perform live, they did not wait long to welcome Sofyan CHENNA (Drummer) in the band and get up on stage.

With various musical inspirations like latin folk music, 90’s American rock or even modern metal, combining their ideas gave birth to some original songs off beaten track. They love to try things and explore different styles of rock but it always ends up with a song very spontaneous both in music and lyrics, most of the time with a strong message.

Feel the Gravity loves to get on stage. Their shows are very often described as very energetic and spontaneous. They play the exact same way whenever it is an outdoor show during summer, or a simple Friday night in a bar.

In August 2019, the band released its first EP, HUMAN DYSTOPIA. The five songs where already played live but they deserved a studio version so the band can make its first step in the music industry. If HUMAN DYSTOPIA can be listened in a random order, the band implemented a red thread from song 1 to 5, telling the story of a man becoming more and more misanthrope and ending up crazy.

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